My Favorite Artists

I’ve owned 2 art galleries, one in Richmond, Virginia—the other in Biloxi, Mississippi. The first I sold to my partners and moved to Mexico. Hurricane Katrina closed the second one. That hasn’t stopped me. I continue to love art and how it nourishes both body, soul and spirit.

Artists are a special and highly independent species. I like hanging around them, talking with them, hearing their ideas and hoping that something positive will rub off on me.

So it’s natural that my website has a virtual gallery. I’ll write something special about each artist who’s featured—something that stands out, something that shows why they are remarkable. If I’ve already written about themSome I’ve already described in newspapers, journals or museum catalogues and will post that, too.

Each artist has a website. You can contact them personally to learn more about their work, to ask prices and to purchase something that speaks to you.

The list of artists in this virtual gallery will grow slowly, carefully, and with my own brand of quirkiness. Each will be remarkable in her or her own unique way.

John E. Shenk


Christus Murphy

s.3-24-15 014

Mary Hardy


June Ward


Kat Fitzpatrick


Michelle Allee


Josh George





Karen Karabasz


Kiyomi Iwataplaceholder1

Duane Keiserplaceholder1

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