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My love of writing, art and education have overlapped all my professional life—as the Head of the Richmond Montessori School (3 times!), the owner of two art galleries (in Richmond, Virginia, and Biloxi, Mississippi), and the author of 5 books (The Anointing and Artists Die Best in Black—both novels—the biography of a Mexican artist –Rodolfo Morales: El Senor de los Suenos—The Last Doctor in America (a medical memoir of George Meyerhoff, MD) and Committed to Sail (the history of the Gulfport Yacht Club). I’ve also written for magazines in Virginia, Mississippi and Mexico plus newspapers—art critic for the Richmond Times Dispatch and theatre critic for the Mississippi Sun Herald. Artists Die Best in Black has been made into a movie filmed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast—to be released in 2015. I’ve lived for several years in Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and most recently in Biloxi and Richmond. My PhD is from the University of Illinois.

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    Sanford Jones - September 14, 2016

    Dear Ms. Mabey,
    I recently celebrated my 60th high school reunion, and Nancy Finch was also there. She spoke so highly of you, and reminded me of your and my intersection in the world of Montessori. My wife, Judy, and I are still traveling to present our children’s operas at Montessori schools here and abroad, and Nancy thought that project might be of interest to the Richmond Montessori School, and that I should at least touch base with you, regardless of any outcome regarding the opera!
    Our web site is youthoperaintl.com, and it shows the scope of our work.
    It would be pleasure to renew our acquaintance!
    Sanford Jones

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    Sue McMurray - September 11, 2017

    Martha…you are such an inspiration, and our interests overlap.I am a lifetime educator, have two published books, and now work through videos posted on my YouTube channel, Educational Design Services, which address SEL, or social and emotional learning. Thru Mindfulness training and skits, actual kids and adults show how emotional resilience can be strengthened. At 82, I am still very active and hard at work at things I love. Sue McMurray

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